SpoofTrader Trading Game

SpoofTrader reduces the time before you are a profitable trader. You are learning how to trade and want to quickly develop your skills to make more money on the stock market, SpoofTrader is for you.

SpoofTrader is a stock market simulator.

It uses real historical prices. Like you are trading for real with a few differences:

No Risk

You are not using any real money. There is no risk. Try out new strategies, experiment with different setups. You will not lose any money.


You can pause at any time. To develop a strategy you must first learn to stop, think and study all your options. To develop this sense takes time and practice.

Don't wait

SpoofTrader is much faster than the real markets. A whole day is played in 3 minutes. One of the most important trading skills is waiting. Successful traders spend most of their time just watching the charts only trading when the setup is perfect. This is boring and terrible for practise. There is little waiting with SpoofTrader (unless you pause when you need to!)

Trading looks simple. It is not. 95% of people who trade end up losing their money. Why? They do not practise enough. Do not make the same mistake.

Uses historical prices from a number of different commodities

  • You don't need an internet connection, you can trade anywhere
  • The markets do not need to be open, you can trade any time. Even at weekends
  • A whole days trading can be played in 3 minutes, so you work quickly through many scenarios

Candlestick chart with multiple timeframes

Multiple indicators.

All traders have their own preferred set of indicators which they use to "read" the markets. When trading it is vital that you learn what indicators work for you AND which indicators do not work for you. Many people have lost a lot of money by reading the indicators wrong.

Draw on the chart.

Many strategies depend on knowing where previous support or resistance levels are. Others rely on studying the trends. By drawing these on the charts you can clearly identify these levels.

Buy and sell at market price or set stop or limit orders

Learn where to set stop loss and take profit levels

Many practice with a brokers demo account. You can only trade in real time. The markets have to be open - no practice at weekends. You cannot pause to think, you have to wait around for hours before the ideal setup comes along.

When you learn a new strategy and you need to work out if this strategy will work, do you sit at your demo account only to find that there are no ideal setups to practice with? With SpoofTrader, there is no waiting. Each day is played in 3 minutes so you can work through each scenario quickly. Pick up three different strategies, and experiment with each one. Within an hour you will know which one works the best. This would take days when trading in real time.

Here is what you can learn and master when you use SpoofTrader :

  • Learn to use indicators. Which ones best suit your trading style?
  • Learn to identify trends and when they reverse.
  • Learn to identify and trade support and resistance lines.
  • Learn Price Action. Develop the skill to identify patterns just by looking at the prices alone.
  • Develop your strategy. Identify the most profitable position to place your stops and take profit levels.
  • Learn how volume affects the price.

To become a profitable trader, first use SpoofTrader. Learn how to trade. Learn how the indicators work (and if they do work at all!). Trade whenever you can. Once you are making money in SpoofTrader, then open a demo account with a broker. You will have some solid strategies and you will be able to wait for the ideal setup. When you are making money in your demo account, then you can open a real account with your broker and start trading for real. You are now well grounded to be up and running ... and profitable almost straight away.

Very fun. Good practice on the basics of trading..can even be a bit exciting!

Perfect for training on the go, practice anywhere and anytime with your phone

Really educational and fun! Definitely recommend.

I just downloaded the app and can't stop playing. It's a great way to learn technical analysis. I suggest it to any trader or aspiring trader.

Great app for practice.

Very useful trading app for practicing trading on real charts. One of the best ways I've found for getting good quickly at trading

I really like this app- it gives you the opportunity to get used to trading and understand the real stock market at the same time. Genius!

Really excellent app. Easy to use and very addictive!

Really good app - let's you try out different trading techniques without having to put up any cold hard cash. Have already developed some sound strategies.

Phenomenal Update! Absolutely amazing addition of stop loss and take profit functionality Makes it complete for practicing real money management tactics Thanks so much

Sadly SpoofTrader is no longer available.